Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS ETF (Dist) - V3AM

Thanks for flagging @Barrakuda. It was an error on our end but has been updated now :slight_smile:

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@Charlotte are there any plans to add V3AB? For other similar ETFS you have both the accumulating and distributing versions (eg VWRL/VWRP) so I wondered if there were any plans for that too? Thank you :slight_smile:

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Let me have a look into it for you. I’ll have an update in the first week of September :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Charlotte, out of curiosity I noticed the name and surname. Are you related to Charles Leclerc (Ferrari F1 driver) :smile:?


:joy: :joy: :joy: That’s my husband’s favourite driver - he wishes we were related!


Here’s a couple of good articles about the limitations of ESG which I think are well worth a read.(google headlines if you are paywalled)

As I broadly subscribe to EMH I don’t expect significant outperformance from ESG, I also don’t believe it will materially impact corporate strategy (beyond efforts to be seen to be doing good). At best this helps assuage some gilt and avoid creating financial incentives in opposition to my views.


Hey everyone, just letting you know £V3AB is now available on the app :star_struck:


V3GP Vanguard ESG Global Corporate Bond UCITS ETF.

Monthly interest distributions.

Just wondering if this has been merged in error as V3AM is stocks and V3GP is bonds ?

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Probably an honest mistake by @mynameisgeraint

I’m confused in the space of 3 posts we have £V3AB, V3GP and V3AM :joy: What is this thread for?

V3AB and V3AM are different units of the same etf. Thus it is ok to discuss them here together.

But we should retitle the thread to include both tickers.

V3GP is a different etf.

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Hi everyone

Sorry for the ticker confusion

Here are the threads for each:





The daily trade volume on this V3AM ETF has exploded after it was added to Freetrade in mid August. Same thing also for accumulation version of V3AB. You guys rock!


This is now my biggest holding (over 50%)

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Properly late, but now looking to add this to mine.

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V3AM is also my largest holding around 30% of my portfolio.

This ETF is labelled as Finance sector.
Could the Freetrade team please update this to Other which includes ETF’s ?
Thank you :blush:
I’m hopeless at copying people in. If anyone else could peg a Freetrade team member to this that’d be great :+1:t3:



I was wondering does any money not able to be split in to dividends reinvested or held and added to the next one ? :thinking: