Vanguard Global Value Factor ETF - VVAL


Designed to meet two distinct investment objectives:

Value investing is a long-standing investment approach often favoured by investors wishing to outperform the market over the long term. It aims to capture the potential premiums of low-valued shares, which are shares that look inexpensive compared with the company’s fundamentals.

Global equity exposure Global equity portfolios offer investors the broadest possible opportunity set. The ability to invest in large, mid and small capitalisation shares in 26 developed markets across all sectors provides significant scope for diversification.

Why Vanguard Global Value Factor UCITS ETF
Factor exposure – a robust quantitative approach that aims to maintain consistent exposure to the value factor.
Actively managed – the portfolio management team selects shares and construct the portfolio using quantitative models that are designed to ensure exposure to the value factor while keeping tight control over transaction costs.
Low cost – as a low-cost fund, investors get to keep more of the fund’s returns.
Global – as the performance of different countries and regions isn’t always correlated and at times can be significantly different, a global mandate offers more potential to lower volatility risk compared with country or regional mandates.