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Nope nothing

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Still no dividend


Apparently freetrade are transferring it today

They use to pay before T212 but now its the other way @sampoullain @Viktor

Still no dividend?

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I have received it but no notification in the activity feed

I thought this div gets auto reinvested back into the fund? Do they still show you how much you got or

VUAG get reinvested back VUSA u get dividend

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Ahh cool I knew it was one of them. I’m invested in the other atm

Something for anyone holding VUSA to be aware of -

Holding 6.9% on the ETF means Apple has an outsized effect of the performance of the Index.


Is that for any s and p 500 holding?

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Good question, the short answer is yes.

The only way around this would be to explore equal weighting - this is where the ETF track each stock with the same % of funds.

Equal weighting would shrink the effect of Apple has on the ETF but would promote the smaller cap stocks.

You could broaden your search to the less popular but bigger and more diversified VNRT

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I take it the after hours/overnight spike will be missed by the ETF as it’ll start tracking the move from 8am?

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It would be nice if that was the case but unfortunately not as it’ll be priced in.

It catches up

Anyone else struggling to buy s&p500!? Keeps rejecting 3 days in a row

I bought some Monday no issues

Just had a notification email about receiving vusa dividend payment. The divi payment shows in my activity feed but my cash balance remains unchanged. Anyone else had this happen? Is this normal?
If the payment has not happened why does the activity show a payment?

Particularly with UK dividend payments I find that the cash is allocated before the email and notification, so you may find the dividend payment hit your account earlier today or even yesterday and the notification and email have come through later.


Thanks Scott. I’ve just totted up my account and yes you were right, I have had the payment sometime earlier today.
I didn’t notice it hit my account earlier today. I must pay more attention… lol.
Thanks…panic over :grin:

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