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Go on dividendmax and you should be able to get the ex dividend dates, the payout dates and input how many shares you own and it will tell you how much you should be expecting to have paid out.

So according to this Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF (VUSA) Dividends
dividends were paid yesterday, how long until they get distributed via Freetrade?

The dividend on 18/6 was paid on 30/6 and I received notification on 2/7.
The dividend on 19/3 was paid on 31/3 and I received notification on 1/4.


anyone received anything? I know somebody who holds vusa and they received their dividend, i didnt :frowning:

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2min ago

I did receive my dividends from VUSA. It was maybe 1 day after the expected date. I noticed the money in my wallet before receiving an email from FT, but later that day I did receive an email as well.

When you receive the dividend in your account, is the money included in the profit/loss figure in the app?


Unfortunately not. It will be reflected in the profit of your portfolio but not in the P/L of VUSA


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When is the next ex-date?

If you have a withdrawal of cash from an acct, you will see your overall profit/loss graph shoot down.

Freaked me out the 1st time but then I figured it out.

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With the divident getting paid today does that mean it will go in today

I know it can take a couple of days but has anyone received their dividend yet ? hoping it’s not just me that hasn’t

I have not received mine either im guessing its gonna come Tuesday, im sure T212 paid on the same day as payment day.

Nope nothing

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Still no dividend


Apparently freetrade are transferring it today

They use to pay before T212 but now its the other way @sampoullain @Viktor

Still no dividend?

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