Versarien 👩‍🔬 🔬 - VRS

This firm develops materials like graphene which are used by various industries including the technology sector.

Ooh graphene! The wonder material made from pencils and sticky tape! Although it’s purported to be useful in most “things” (from better electronics to filtering out the colour from whiskey).
if cost of production decreases and mainstream use increases, could potentially be good long term investment?

Who are the other companies producing graphene and what do people generally feel about it’s long term viability?

I’d ask where the market is first and foremost.

Are there too many players looking to enter the market early? You’d prefer someone to enter the market when it’s mature enough to start generating returns. It’s not clear how long this might be, if ever.

Assuming the product cost, for unclear uses, is higher than existing cost. What’s the incentive to switch to graphene? Ideally you want it to be 10x better than what currently exists to generate significant returns and forecast positive future cash flow.

It all seems a bit too fuzzy for me at the moment.

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This could definitely be a good stock to get in on early as its looking like this will be the route most battery tech could be heading. It should allow for smaller more compact batteries that can also hold more charge and actually be charged faster than conventional Lithium-Ion. I remember reading articles about graphene ages ago (I’m based in the tech industry/world so constantly read up about items like this).

Versarien has taken a pretty nasty hit this year? Is this anyone’s entry point or is it due to fall more?

Is this a close your eyes and hold your nose type of investment?

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So I have held VRS for 18 months and yes it is a speculative stock. There’s little doubt graphene could develop into a huge industry and VRS have built extensive links to key actors in the industry. Whether they convert this into solid results is yet to be confirmed, hence the wild swings.

I do know an early days significant shareholder who went in @ 0.007£ though and he’s still delighted as you can imagine!

I hope he sold out at £1.5…

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Looking forward!


There’s been some news regarding ceo recruitment and business development which has seen the shares climb to 52p off a low of 25p.

Even better news, the shares have rebounded to 68-70p.

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Aviation could have a big benefit this technology and to be fair all transport could benefit especially with the EV market

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A helpful overview of the company. Outlining the reasons for the dip in price. Also gives an overview of VRS’s plans for new finance and discusses the growth of the income (from £5m to £12m between '21-'22).

VRS discussion starts at around 18.40 mins

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Looks like a lot of activity in VRS recently 43% last 7 days …

Isnt just the market goinh up?. I find if s&p500 goes up 1% some stocks go up 20%!

285% up in the last month, so I guess not only the market going up

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Was about to say the same, the new graphene tech reinforcing concrete could be huge IMHO, if there’s a way of making the mix without steel it could be a big seller for the construction industry.