Vertical Aerospace - Redundant thread

With the merger with Broadstone Acquisitions and its new listing on the NYSE, I think its a good time to enable Freetrade users to invest in a high potential, high growth industry that’s going to challenge a lot of other industries as it grows in size.

Founded by Stephen Fitzpatrick in Bristol in the UK (he also founded OVO Energy, one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers that grew to this size in just over 10 years) this business provides those in the UK wanting to support a home grown industry that has global potential.

The company is building Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing planes - environmentally friendly way for those wanting to beat immense traffic and fly direct to key sites throughout cities.

While this is aimed at the wealthy of society to start with - as with any new technology, with uptake, brings cost reductions, hopefully paving the way for mass roll-out along the likes of a business like Tesla.

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