Vietnam Investment 🇻🇳

Freetrade currently has two Vietnam based ETF’s on the platform - Vietnam Enterprise and Vietnam Opportunity. I guess they’re technically holding companies but I’m calling them ETF’s for the purpose they hold slices of multiple companies within them.

I believe before buying any company you have to be able to understand the business, and so in my quest to understand I’ll throw it over to you guys. Has anyone had any experience investing in either of these stocks? I’ve rarely seen any discussion about them in this community and wanted to get people’s feedback as both have currently dipped and this could be a buying opportunity.

For reference, I’m currently looking at Vietnam Opportunity for £3.19.

Cheers guys and happy Freetrading :slight_smile:

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I’ve just tried to access the key information document for Vietnam Enterprise, sadly the URL link within FT’s app points to a link which no longer exists.

@sampoullain Is anyone able to look into this ?

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Checking it out right now, thanks for the heads-up.


I currently hold VOF, and am long Vietnam in general after visiting Saigon (HCMC) for a month last year.

To my mind both VOF and VEIL holding’s look quite similar. I went with VOF because they owned Vietjet at the time and their website had better reports and analysis from the managers (and a video!).

Both are holding companies that I think should do well if Vietnam’s population carries on getting richer and buying and building more stuff.

I don’t know so much about the bigger picture macro stuff like how Vietnam’s international trade is doing. When talking to people in HCMC lots seem to be founding start-ups. So my opinion is based on that and seeing the number of shopping centres being built.

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It’s a very interesting market, but the trust charges are a tad high?

Vietnam Enterprise:

I’d like to invest in some way though. I looked at macro articles, and it’s an interesting emerging market.

I looked into investing in Vietnam last year, seeing them as a beneficiary of the US/China trade war. But I could not find a good vehicle in which to do it. Their economy is growing strongly, but that is not reflected in their stock market performance.

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