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Both FAA investigation & announcement came out yesterday.

FAA were in the control room monitoring Unity 22, VG should have been able to predict an investigation - it’s not a great sign.

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Frustrating stock

Frustrating how?

No market for for their product
Basic technology dressed up to look ground breaking
Over priced and more expensive than ever
Unable to follow the set flight path
Chairman & Founder dumping most of their stock
In ability to demonstrate scale ability

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No market? There’s definitely a market for space travel, even if limited to high net worth inds at the outset

Not a largest enough one to justify the investment.

They’ve been public for less than 2 years and have already ripped up their business plan from the merger presentation, to reduce the price from $250k to $100k. This shows they know their market simply isn’t there and they’re being forced to change tack.

Still early, such an unprecedented market. But I respect your opinion

You could say that I’m some what of a Virgin Bear :wink: and have covered a few times my issues with the company. Here are a few links to save you fingers.

The merger presentation here shows how far they’ve already had to change the business plan, a complete 180 from reducing the price to almost doubling it. Using their own metric it reduces their TAM massively -

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I’ve got a bet running with @piggeh


Is he really selling off his bits? Honourable gents, what is your thoughts…actions? I’m going to hold tight on my minuscule portion.

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> New Mexico, one of the poorest states in the US, paid $220 million to build Spaceport America.

Branson is a grifter. With Chamath Palihapitiya dumping 100% of his stake now now Branson bailing out too, I really don’t know why anyone would stay invested in this farce.

By the way, for anyone with Netflix, a new series started tonight showing the preparations for the first proper American civillian launch to space with SpaceX due to send 4 people to orbit for a few days (not a few minutes on the edge of space) this month.


@MZain When the people who know the business the best are selling it’s a massive concern. They know the business in a way we never will and , being very generous, think they can make more money elsewhere.

I’ve not seen the series @CashCow mentioned yet but the Inspiration 4 mission is so much more exciting. They’re not taking a trip on a rocket power glider (that cannot follow it’s agreed course) for a quick trip to near space.
They’re going to orbit earth for 3 days, like proper astronauts.


Here’s a review of this doc for anyone interested.

Virgin Galatic sold $500m new stock & $300m on Branson stock after the test flight but didn’t disclose the FAA investigation to investors.

Paywalled, text in comment above.

… during test flight preparations a third-party supplier “recently flagged a potential manufacturing defect in a component of the flight control actuation system” that is supplied to the space company.
“At this point, it is not yet known whether the defect is present in the company’s vehicles and what, if any, repair work may be needed,”

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