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+1c since Oct 27th 2020 - what a wild ride!

Virgin Galactic Planning Three Space Flights a Month From 2023 Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

So three flights a month from 2023 which makes 216 people a year and the first 600 people are only paying $250,000. Which makes 54,000,000 in revenue there going to need bigger spaceplanes. It will take them nearly three years to get through the 1st 600 people.


Branson back at it selling another $300 million worth of stock.


Yep, I got out at $20 point at the first sell off and moved into the Next Gen Virgin Orbit SPAC. Currently waiting for the merger to happen :rocket:

Winner of the win a trip to space.

So she’s not selling the tickets for Β£900k then … madness!

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Yeah am sorry but I would sell them would even offer a discount 2 for $600,000 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


This or a fun afternoon out