Visa Inc 💳 - V

Alibabas Ant financial that was Alipay is a stock I would love to own

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The closest you can get to Ant is by buying Alibabba

IPAY will get most of what you want in the payment sectors.


It’s historic performance hasn’t yielded anywhere near performance of V or MA, 47% vs 150% since inception ~ 5 years. I think there are a lot of smaller fintech positions which aren’t delivering cash flows like the big 2-4 players. They have paypoint from UK as a holding which I like

this should be very common because it is an ETF instead of a single stock.

Nice shout today in the Investors Chronicle, in an article about the “world’s best shares”.

The bottom line is, two trends will help Visa, moving away from physical currency and the rise of e-commerce.

EPS is $5.56, P/E ratio is 35.93 - while the former is nice, the latter is increasing with the price.

At around $200, it’s not far from the 52-week high of $214.17.

I’ll top up my holding (I’m thankful for fractional shares now), but then I’ll wait for a better price in the future.


Looks like VISA have lost First Direct for debit card processing, my new card with be MasterCard Debit apparently.

Does it generally tend to sell of after the earnings report?

Also anyone know when the report is out?

Any reason this is dropping lower and lower today?

No news to suggest why

Visa joins the party

Just got a dividend payment from Visa. Hardly worth bothering (0.6%)!


Very interesting. The company that holds the power is the company that stands to lose less.

Will people just find another way to pay on Amazon or will they shop on other websites that allow Visa payments. (My money is invested in both companies) but I believe that Amazon will be stickier than using Visa. Will have to cross that bridge when I come to it, myself!

Following Brexit, the EU cap on interchange fees no longer applies. Which meant it has been free rein for credit card company profiteering here in the UK. Another great win for our valiant Brexiteers!


The cap has only been removed for intra regional transactions. So any company based in the U.K. is not impacted as these are classed as domestic transactions. If Amazon were based in the U.K. it wouldn’t be an issue - but Amazon’s website is based in Luxembourg I believe.

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And I think first direct moved everyone to Mastercard recently for the same reasons I suspect

Santander are also now issuing mastercard only :credit_card: