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I’ve seen a boom coming for months I just stuck £20 in back then testing the waters but I’m extremely confident at this point to jump in

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“While I have no doubt that Vodafone has a path to recovery in a post-pandemic world, just how much it can recover by remains a question. The company’s annual earnings have been extremely volatile, sliding in and out of profitability. Revenue has been on a decline since 2015. As such, I think Vodafone’s growth prospects are limited, and so are its future dividends.”

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I know Etistalat has said they do not plan to make a take over offer and after that statement are now barred from making any attempt for 6 months, but it does pile more pressure on Vodafone Execs to start improving the business rather than sitting back and watching it go down hill further which they are currently doing.

Another view:

Middle East investor pays premium for stake in troubled Vodafone

What a rollercoaster this share has been rising to 1.40 then dropping to the 1.2 mark.

I see from the news this company is back to making decent profits again so hopefully we should see some growth in the share price.

Do we think Vodafone is a ‘recession proof’ company?

Vodafone are on the hunt for more deals, maybe ‘three’ are in their sights.

This has been rumoured for a while but also Vodafone and Three are the only ones the regulators would possibly allow as it would make the other 2 operators too powerful to have good competition below is a rough numbers basis in million with three having 9.7 million customers.

o2 + Three = 33.7 million (currently 24 Million)
EE + Three = 31.1 million (currently 21.4 Million)
Vodafone + Three = 26.8 Million (currently 17.1 Million)

Very unlikely given the high debt pile at BT its unlikely they would want to buy out three and increase the debt pile even more and Virgin Media o2 at the moment is more focused on the fixed line broadband race I doubt they would want nor have the money to buy three at the moment

There have been rumours that Three would rather merge than sell but given the size of Vodafone in comparison with Three the most likely split of enlarged Vodafone UK business merged with Three 70% Vodafone & 30% Three in the enlarged business and not sure Three would go for that as it would make them a minority shareholder

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“CEO of one of the largest companies in an already cornered market wants to reduce competition to squeeze more money out of customers” should be the post BS-filter headline. :smiley:

I sincerely hope the regulators will prohibit further concentration in the mobile market.


Well the regulators have already said that they are not against consolidation in the mobile networks from 4 to 3 but would depend on what networks would be involved.

I am guessing the hint was a maybe the bottom 2 might get agreed but not the top two taking another one over

Vodafone shares are dropping AGAIN, what’s going on at Vodafone. No stability! Any thoughts anyone

To be fair it’s not surprising Vodafone is a mostly consumer based business and we are in a cost of living crisis, restrictive holidays so less roaming fees will be earned, so that will have a bearing on the share price, and its not unique to Vodafone as BT has gone down lots more recently as well.

And this will be the same in most of the markets that Vodafone serve,

It was also dividend payment day, stock price naturally reduces following payout.

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Not always, shares prices often decline on the day the share goes exdividend but on the day the dividend is paid some of the share holders reinvest their dividend do the share price can see an uplift.


Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 22.53.44

Yes. The price rose today …