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Hi everyone first time doing this so just wondering if someone can tell me what’s good and what’s not good please and what’s the difference in selling now or in a month or year please

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@Chriswinch welcome to the community. Are you after something specific about Vodafone or information in general. Theres loads of stuff about a whole range of topics related to finance and investing so its worth scrolling through previous posts or using the search box and getting to know whats what.


Hey thank you for the reply and just helpful stuff really please when’s best to sell or hold and what others should I keep an eye out for ?

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Unfortunately community members can’t offer you financial advice as everyone’s risk appetite is different. Its about learning what’s best for you as an individual investor so no one can answer that question for you.

Following this forum will help you learn about the markets, there are lots of excellent investors on this site who are far more knowledgeable than me



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Wow so what’s happening here then

What do you mean? Prices fluctuate, the whole market came down a bit… nothing is happening. That’s just how the stock market behaves.

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I keep an eye on Vodafone to add in for a bit of a dividend base I’m building but it looks like the decline is systemic - they don’t seem to ever get in too if this huge debt pile.

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It’s not fluctuating It’s sinking :smiling_face_with_tear:

Although this relates to Spain its probably a good thing closing these stores as the world moves more online. Vodafone need to save every penny it can.

I can’t remember when I last visted store and I’ve been a Vodafone customer since 1999 when I got my first ever mobile. Back in them days you paid for air time and call time.


Umm. When businesses are all about cost cutting … what does that say? To me it says: Big and bloated and/or unfocused. Very little room for growth.

I am far from an expert but reading this I think it makes a promising buy?

Opps just seen MZain already posted. It was hidden for me.

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Hi @Milly i don’t know what the above post by @MZain was hidden.

Welcome to the community :ocean: and thanks for sharing the article. I don’t know a huge deal about Vodafone as a investment but this looks to be good news for them.

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It’s an obvious copyright infraction. @MZain should have just posted the link/comment like @Milly did.

It would have been helpful to post the article but that’s not a violation of the community rules.

@neilb it is not simply a matter of “Community rules”. It is also a matter of UK law. All companies (should) know this. Also note there was no attribution (which compounds the legal problem).

Yes, FT does know this as FAQ - Freetrade Community has stuff under the headline Post only your own Stuff.

@NeilB @bitflip

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Hi @Milly buying and selling stock on basis of individual news items is not normally considered to be good practice. Use it as a data point and weigh it up with other information you consider relevant. Of course, if you think this is a great company and this particular news pushes it for you then I am sure you will do what you need to do. Do note the last two paragraphs of the article you link to.

Crucially, this change isn’t unique to Vodafone, with CityFibre looking to provide a similar level of nationwide coverage to other ISPs.

The image was attributed at least. ‘Getty images’ is in the corner.