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This telecommunications firm provides mobile and fixed networks globally. In the UK, they offer mobile and broadband services to customers.

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Vodafone go ex-dividend today (17th Dec 20), dividend yield is 6.21%. Simply Wall Street have them as undervalued.

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Can you buy Vodaphone today, then sell next week and still collect the dividend in Feb ‘21?

It’s a really complex business but a household and business name. Having read the H1 report everything looks pretty positive, even though there has been an obvious hit by COVID.

I’m assuming price will dip a bit following ex-dividend.

Interesting to see major changes in their geographical plays, disposing of New Zealand, Malta and Egypt with mergers and acquisitions elsewhere. A serious business with lots of change.

Revenue down YoY, but profitable as opposed to loss making.

What Vodafone do

H1 Report

I haven’t followed the movements closely regarding telecommunication businesses but things have clearly changed a lot over 10~20 years.

Consumers have moved from text and speech to data. Remember the days when one would be buying text packages and minutes, Stone Age in the tech world.

Chief executive
16 November 2020
Delivering our strategic priorities at pace to reshape Vodafone

 Resilient financial performance during the first half of FY21, in line with our expectations

 Deepening customer engagement, with mobile contract customer loyalty improved year-on-year for an 8th
successive quarter

 Launched 5G in 127 cities across 9 of our European markets; 52 million marketable homes passed with Gigabit speeds

 Reaffirming FY21 free cash flow guidance of at least €5 billion (pre-spectrum and restructuring) and adjusted EBITDA expected to be between €14.4 – €14.6 billion

Chief executive:
COVID-19 and the reduction in roaming revenues, through the significant reduction in international travel, is currently obscuring our underlying commercial progress, with Q2 service revenue growing by 1.5% excluding roaming.

You should have bought yesterday

Ex-dividend date

To ensure you are a shareholder by the record date you need to buy shares at least one day before the ex-dividend date. This is because the standard settlement for UK equities is two working days.

Take the example of Company ABC, which sets a record date of Friday 5 May. The ex-dividend date would be Thursday 4 May.

If you bought shares on Wednesday 3 May the trade would settle two days later on 5 May so you would be on the share register on the record date and would qualify for the dividend.

If you bought shares on Thursday 4 May this would not settle until Monday 8 May. ‘You would not be on the share register as at the record date and therefore would not qualify for the dividend

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Thanks! Annoying how it’s not clear everywhere on the net :stuck_out_tongue:

This should raise alot of cash for Vodafone to clear some of its debt level


VOD announced shares buyback from next Monday and intended to issue 1.43 billion shares at £1.2055 from those hold in the treasury. With the share price higher than £1.2055 on the announcement and now at 130s, the buyback plot should be used to cancel some of the those in the treasury. Am I missing something?

Hi everyone first time doing this so just wondering if someone can tell me what’s good and what’s not good please and what’s the difference in selling now or in a month or year please

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@Chriswinch welcome to the community. Are you after something specific about Vodafone or information in general. Theres loads of stuff about a whole range of topics related to finance and investing so its worth scrolling through previous posts or using the search box and getting to know whats what.


Hey thank you for the reply and just helpful stuff really please when’s best to sell or hold and what others should I keep an eye out for ?

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Unfortunately community members can’t offer you financial advice as everyone’s risk appetite is different. Its about learning what’s best for you as an individual investor so no one can answer that question for you.

Following this forum will help you learn about the markets, there are lots of excellent investors on this site who are far more knowledgeable than me



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Wow so what’s happening here then

What do you mean? Prices fluctuate, the whole market came down a bit… nothing is happening. That’s just how the stock market behaves.

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I keep an eye on Vodafone to add in for a bit of a dividend base I’m building but it looks like the decline is systemic - they don’t seem to ever get in too if this huge debt pile.

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It’s not fluctuating It’s sinking :smiling_face_with_tear:

Although this relates to Spain its probably a good thing closing these stores as the world moves more online. Vodafone need to save every penny it can.

I can’t remember when I last visted store and I’ve been a Vodafone customer since 1999 when I got my first ever mobile. Back in them days you paid for air time and call time.