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5G isn’t exclusive to some networks as far as I have seen, 4G was ( unless I am misremembering this ). The bigger concerns are, it’s limited to some cities, it’ll be more expensive but how many multiples over 4G will consumers pay, and the biggest is the lack of device support on launch.

Excellent point. I’ve quickly stuck the dates of 3G and 4G launch onto Vodafone’s ticker:

Looks like 4G created a small jump in share price, and 3G seemed to have almost no impact. I suppose the embrace of these new technologies is expected of telecoms companies, not a reason for their profit to vastly increase.


Thank you for doing that, very interesting to see it like that.

Maybe 3G’s impact was in 1998 - the dotcom excitement and the expectation of new worlds and new rules, all of that. I haven’t gone back and checked what it was like for other TMT stocks but I guess the 2000 crash meant a few years of being out of favour.

They said that about 4G… I cannot see 5G alone boosting Voda.

A nice read up on 5G disruption predictions from Deloitte.

Sounds like this could open up a lot of new doors, if it’s a big as they claim then maybe this will have an impact, but that feels more of a gamble to me.

Seems other firms will befit from greater access to faster internet over the next 2-4 years rather than just the providers who lay down the infrastructure.

I remember reading (might have even been deloitte again on this) that the network operators are struggling with 4G right now, they will be forced into 5G because they can’t meet the needs of their users (higher mobile data consumption more frequently, video streaming becoming more common.)

Worth keeping an eye on but I don’t know enough about the finer details of $VOD to dip my toe in just yet.

I agree with @ytsruh if 5G benefits, it benefits every carrier.

I’m sure someone will come up with 5G etf if not already.

It might better to buy network infrastructure and mobile chipset providers.
Also I read that 5G requires lot of fibre network, so may be BT?

I’m inclined to agree. I think this thread has put me off Vodafone :blush:

Using vodafone put me off Vodafone


I only ever used Voda once and quickly changed. I never looked back.

EE will launch 5G end of May. Vodafone is launching in July.


Isnt EE property of ‘Slow Internet’ BT? is the 5G stock play BT vs Vodafone?

Yes it’s part of the BT Group. They are also putting up their broadband and mobile prices for the 5G rollout.

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