Volex (VLX) - Share Chat

Huge room for growth, will be FTSE 100 in the next 5 years.

Essential to be added on Freetrade.


I am a buyer.

I’m new to all this, but have got this on my watch list. It seems to be doing well.

Latest trading update from this stellar company continues to impress:

Volex plc is a supplier of power cords and cable assembly solutions servicing a range of markets, including consumer electronics, electric vehicle, telecommunications, data centers, medical equipment and the automotive industry.

Revenue for the full year will be ahead of market expectations and be at least $440 million while underlying operating profit is expected to be at least $41 million , ahead of the most recently guided range

As I’ve said before, look for companies that are in the lower end of the supply chain when it comes to clean energy, robotics, semiconductors etc. as they’re the ones that are going to benefit the most.


Thanks, that’s good to know. I have a small holding in this company after watching it for a while. I might top up a little now!
Do you know of any similar shares I could have a look at?

I recently bought shares in Tekmar (LON:TGP)

Historically they’ve been associated with offshore oil and as such overlooked but they’re carving out a space in the renewables in the offshore wind sector.

  • Growing revenue YOY

  • Profitable

  • 75% market share in the off shore wind cable protection system (CPS)

  • Flurry of contract wins in the last 6 months including ones from China which is a price sensitive market so that is saying something

  • Debt free

  • Insider/Director buying in Jan which is a good sign

  • Institution buying in Mar

  • Analyst consensus is Buy

  • Potential government contracts in the offshore wind sector

Feels like lacklustre management who are not very proactive when it comes to providing regular RNS

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Thanks. I’ll have a look at that.