Volkswagen AG- VOWd - Share chat

VOWd is the main one listed on the Deutsche Boerse, while the other one is the US listing.

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I have been brought up with old VW’s (went to all the shows in the UK) and love the brand. I would love to have shares in VW, please add it to Freetrade.

Hi @ross_mini5

Welcome welcome welcome :ocean:

Ta dah!

VOW3 are the preference stocks and VOW the ordinary stock, both traded in Frankfurt with VOW3 considerably more liquid.

You may have seen VWAGY and VWAPY quoted in the US. These are instruments for the American markets that track the ordinary and preferred classes respectively.


Why would they have gone for the less liquid one? Pretty sure I own VOW3 on another platform.

Just an oversight I imagine ( I have a request in for VOW3 )
Out of interest the rough Avg Daily Volumes are:
VOW3 : 1m
VOW : 50k