Volkswagen AG 🚘 - VOWd

Could have waited till tomorrow April fools

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Surprised that Vwagy isnt listed
(As Eric Fry says, it’s valued at $11 per vehicle vs 1.7M per tesla)

It’s spelled Volkswagen btw. :+1:

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I would love to see space ETFs UFO & ARKX added as well as Volkswagen.

Thank you! :rocket:

Please do not post multiple stocks in one request. It doesn’t help, as the voting system is designed to gauge user demand. Multiple requests in a single post don’t help the staff, so make a post for each request. A simple search of this forum would also be useful, as it would show you that Volkswagen has been requested many times. It would also be helpful for those who find themselves suggesting multiple times a day that people use the search function.

Ok thanks!

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adding my support, this one seems like a no-brainer and I’m genuinely surprised it isn’t already on freetrade

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Those numbers don’t seem right, $11 per vehicle?

It’s not correct. I didn’t check but i guess VW sells roughly 20 million cars a year. That would be a valuation of 220 million, which seems 3 orders of magnitude too small. So rather 11 000 per vehicle.

Edit: I checked market cap is 120 billion. So just roughly 5-6000 per car.
Still quite a low multiple.

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Any update on this?

Only UK and US exchanges are available. I’m sure freetrade will release a massive statement once european stocks can be added.

Volkswagen, German based car company that manufactured and sell vehicles

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I would just like to be able to invest in Volkswagen group considering they own so many car companies.

Volkswagen group

Hi, I believe that Volkswagen is moving in the right direction with their future plan. The European Union is trying to get a certain percentage of cars to become electric by 2025 and Volkswagen has made a negotiation type deal with Rimac (electric super car manufacturer), which looking promising for electric car manufacturing. With Volkswagen being a massive car producer, they’ll probably start to head in the direction affordable electric vehicles for your average citizen, comparatively to Tesla, which is still considered an exclusive vehicle. It would great to be able to get in on their stock. Thank you

The second half of 2021 hasn’t been great for VOW3 but a 9% uplift today helps. Happy to hold longer term here ( maybe even on Freetrade one day …)