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Please can we get Tortoise acquisition (SNPR) before its merger with Volta goes through in a few weeks (already confirmed) and it rockets

long term multi bagger. please add this before it rises more.

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Any insights on where Volta is heading… it has been quite volatile past week or so.

Appears Volta are just dropping more each day. Does anyone have a thought on where there going.

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Anyone got any information on this company?
They seem to be making gains recently.

Yes they are doing well, they just released financials and they are up every quarter. It did drop a couple of months ago due to ceo standing down.

Q2 - Revenue increased 83% Quarter-over-Quarter and 121% Year-over-Year to $15.3 million

Q3 looks even more promising. :crossed_fingers:

Q3 revenue increased 69% year over year to $14.4m. Full deatils at Volta Inc. - Financials - Quarterly Results
The putlook looks promising, so im taking advantage of the drop. Long term im sure it will pay off.