Vote for the features that you want Freetrade to build 🗳

This I so want :+1: A simple “Sort by” option with a few options would great as just by current value is too basic and it should be an easy fix TBH.


Corporate Actions

Please Freetrade sort Corporate actions so that when there is a stock split you deal with this properly in terms of prices and ideally graphs.

Merck split but the new stock (Organon) is still incorrectly showing as having a nil average price! There is no calculation of a gain or loss as a result.

Since this relates to the basic veracity of the information provided this needs to be prioritised please. Entry of the price at split is simple and straightforward but support say it can’t be done!

I recognise that sorting the graphing may be more complex but adding the missing price on split is basic. JDI please.