Vote for the features that you want Freetrade to build 🗳

This I so want :+1: A simple “Sort by” option with a few options would great as just by current value is too basic and it should be an easy fix TBH.


Corporate Actions

Please Freetrade sort Corporate actions so that when there is a stock split you deal with this properly in terms of prices and ideally graphs.

Merck split but the new stock (Organon) is still incorrectly showing as having a nil average price! There is no calculation of a gain or loss as a result.

Since this relates to the basic veracity of the information provided this needs to be prioritised please. Entry of the price at split is simple and straightforward but support say it can’t be done!

I recognise that sorting the graphing may be more complex but adding the missing price on split is basic. JDI please.


For freetrade plus accounts with limit loss etc features. It would be worth enabling multiple options. currently we can choose only one at a time. For example, currently I can only select to sell to stop loss or sell say if price goes higher than a certain amount. I would like to chose both or more such options.
Another option to add there would be to let price go up and sell when it dips down say after certain amount. This will be useful as it will automatically let it get to highest and then sell if it dips - just an extra option should we wish to use.

I would like to see the inclusion of some digital crypto currencies for example Ethereum. Ethereum did get a mention on 2021-08-25 CNBC Mad Money by Jim Cramer "I own Ethereum directly. I think you should have up to 5% of your portfolio in crypto. I am a believer in crypto.”

Before I start making suggestions does anyone from Freetrade actually review these suggestions and have any been implemented?
I have noticed some have been suggested along time ago with no comments.

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Yes they are reviewed and yes some get implemented but Freetrade are doing an awful lot in a short period so it can take a long time for some things. :+1:

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Why isn’t the “YOUR INVESTMENT” bit display in the base currency?
Annoyingly any US stock that I purchased has the current value, average price per share and investment gain/loss displayed in GBP when it’s easier / more practical to have it reporting in the base currency of the listed market.


Better graphs, allow slow stochastic oscillators etc and many other graphs to enhance the UI to allow for better trading.

Not sure if this was mentioned I read most of the above and gave a love heart to the ones that should be prority, for me I always love a good graphic UI with nice options as it invites you to trade more.

This and it would stop us having to use other platforms for graphs.

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Also it would be nice to be able to choose which graph we see on the main page, aka how investments alone are doing.

Due to the fact if you constantly add money each day or whatever then all you see is the graph going up and up which is OK if you want to view total assets and progress but what if we just want to see progress.

That would be gucci

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Investment gain/loss to include dividends