Wait, What?

Ok, I bought 1,000 shares @ an average of 4.98

Sold 333 of them at 4.71

Thats a loss of 88.15 (give or take due to rounding)

How is that stock saying my average share price is now 4.35 and I’m now 235.72 up?

I’m not great at math but I’m pretty sure thats not how it works.

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Calculated FIFO.

You can read here

Fifo, first in first out.

What currency is the trade? Might be FX gain depending on timeframe - but need more info.

Thanks for the replys, it is FIFO.

Which sucks, because if I sell it looks like I’m winning when I’m actualy losing even more.

I don’t even want to buy anymore of the stock now because I don’t want to work out my own average price per share. You don’t even have to factor in the loss, just what the average I’ve paid.

I use an Excel spread sheet and it works fairly well, although I agree it’s annoying. I don’t know why they have to use FIFO, I’m sure they would be able to use AVCO (Average Costing) as well although an accountant would have a better idea than I do on it.