Waiting list! How long 😩

(Louis emina) #1

Hey guys I joined freetrade about 1 week ago and Iam still on the waiting list with 60k people in front of me. I’ve tried bump me up with not much success. Any ideas on how long it normally takes? I just can’t wait to trade. Thanks in advance


I don’t know the exact time but it sounds like they are working through the queue quicker now, see this message Freetrade launches US stocks 🇺🇸 which mentions they are speeding up the invite process.

(Viktor) #3

Can you DM me your email address and the email you referred? I’ll look into this. If you referred a friend, you should be in a top 7,000 position or better.

As for the waitlist in general, we are working through it, and we foresee it going away by next quarter. :+1:

(Marco) #4

Yes unfortunately is very long the waiting list.
I have 64,179 in front of me and it’s look like the number are not moving. It is not encouraging to see that in three days the numbers do not change.

What you propose is a very good product but, are you not alarmed by the idea of losing customers due to the long wait for the use of your product?
And what is your plan about it?
Thank you in advance

(Vladislav Kozub) #5

Hey Marco, the queue does not move day by day but rather with large tranches weekly. One referral will supposedly provide you with access within a few weeks’ time (if not faster). I have seen multiple people on Monzo community to register their interest and receive access within a week due to family & friends’ referrals.

In order to ensure the systems operate well with scaling and customer support never gets too long to respond, it is vital to make this process gradual. Otherwise, we may end up with TSB 2.0. :slight_smile:

(Marco) #6

Thank you for your answer,
I must be honest with you, one of your strengths is the customer support!!

I’ve already spread the word…Hopefully I can climb a few steps sooner than later :grin:

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