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Walt Disney (DIS)

(R) #2

Big times ahead for Disney. Once the fox deal is finalised and they launch their streaming service they are going to see huge profits.

(Stiven Skyrah) #3

Plus anything that has such strong brand presence, history and ownership of characters going forward is likely to mean success.

(Jonny) #4

I don’t want to start a “Slow Internet” issue again but the current short description is “Princesses, Spiderman, Darth Vader” however Sony still has the cinematic rights to Spiderman. It might be best to swap out for Iron Man, seeing as he kicked off the MCU?

Just a thought

(R) #5

They own all rights to Spider-Man, toys, comics, games, except for movies which they have a sharing deal with. Whilst the MCU is clearly a big money maker, it’s only one medium and I think people get it regardless.

(Jonny) #6

True, like a said just a thought