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Such an awesome, solid stock with a good dividend. Please add!

Tony Soprano ran this at one time.


The way this has performed over the last 10 years, this needs to be ranked much higher!

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Waste Management, Inc. is an American waste management, comprehensive waste, and environmental services company in North America. Founded in 1968, the company is headquartered in the First City Tower in Houston, Texas.:us:

The company’s network includes :recycle:346 transfer stations, :recycle:293 active landfill disposal sites ,:recycle: 146 recycling plants, :recycle:111 beneficial-use landfill gas projects and :recycle:six independent power production plants. Waste Management offers environmental services to nearly 21 million residential​:houses:, industrial, municipal and commercial customers in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. With 26,000 collection and transfer vehicles, the company has the largest trucking fleet in the waste industry​:articulated_lorry::articulated_lorry::articulated_lorry:.Together with its competitor Republic Services, Inc, the two handle more than half of all garbage collection in the United States.:recycle::us:

I saw a video recently that deduced the whole waste management industry is pretty much over valued. I’ll see if I can find it.

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WM Inc (like many of the US waste management companies) seems to operate in a bubble about 30-40 years behind the rest of the waste management sector with heavy focus on landfill and waste collection and very little on recycling (other than low quality recycling). They seem to rely on lack of genuine market competition in the USA rather than any real attempts to modernise.

Any attempts to expand outside the USA have largely not been very successful and they have had repeated financial and environmental scandals! Yet they still seem to carry on surviving and making money! I can only assume that investors like Gates still hope that one day they will modernise and take full advantage of the increased revenue possible from more advanced/environmentally-friendly waste management.

Here’s the video:

not sure why this one hasn’t been added yet. Such a huge stock and dividend too


There are so many stocks that I want to buy but are missing from the app, while we have a ton of obscure penny stocks.

Freetrade really needs to set their priorities right. I am in the initial 100 users, but I am struggling not to sign with another brokerage to buy the stocks I want. It has been way too long and we have seen weird stocks being added, but not a huge companies with a ton of volume.