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I searched the forum to see if anyone else has suggested this, I am glad it has been suggested already!


It would be great to have this, and maybe in a later stage: add price alerts

This would be great. Maybe something like being able to ‘star’ a stock and then having a filter that shows starred stocks. Could have different colored stars (like gmail) for multiple watchlists.


I also thought of this Today while browsing the stocks section. Maybe have separate watch lists for stocks and ETFs assuming more ETFs will be added in the future

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I would like to see Freetrade offer the option of tagging or staring stocks (that I’m looking to buy but haven’t bought) into a personal watchlist.


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Hi everyone!
Something that I really miss in Freetrade is the possibility of setting favourite stocks. I do struggle sometimes when I find an interesting stock to invest in but I don’t want yet to invest in it… I genuinely forget which stock was unless I write it down which is very annoying.

What do you guys think?



I would like to be able to tag some stocks as favourites so they would be easier to find in future for a possible investment at a later date.


Freetrade team, any update on something like this happening?

Surely it wouldn’t be to hard to implement.


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This would be easier and quicker for those who wants to look up a stock to buy at a good price instead of typing a lot of stock names in the search box every time.


Yes please add watchlists

A feature that allows you to add shares to a watch list. This will be useful as more shares are added to the app so you don’t have to go through the whole discovery page or remember the name of the company.

Any update from the team on a feature like this?

I’m also in the same boat where I use yahoo for my watchlist, but if this was on freetrade I would be more likely to execute instantly when I thought the price was showing value.

Was literally just thinking I would love this!

A bit like read later for my kindle

On the way! Freetrade Roadmap


It would be great if we could add stocks to an in app Watchlist.
When we are browsing the app and looking at stocks or something triggers an interest, so off we trot to do a bit of research…then go back to the app and I can’t find it or remember it’s name. Yes I know I could write it down but that’s not much good when the app is modernising this field.
If I had a watchlist I could just bring up the list and either ditch or invest the stocks.
Perhaps also some in app Invested Top 10 that week leaderboard, which could be filtered either by most people invested or by most money invested.

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Yahoo finance

It’s coming in the next few months: https://trello.com/b/W15ccViA/freetrade-roadmap :+1:

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