We processed our first dividend!

(Denislav) #22

Hey Jamie,

Thank you for your reply. Totally understandable that it would require an additional administration and that it’s pretty standard. I do think that it would be a nice touch down the line to maybe offer this option for a small cost. For example, if I wanted to have my name added to a set stock on the CREST I will be charged for the request.

Thank you again! :slight_smile:

(Justin Timeson) #23

The question is surely : why bother?

  1. You want the perks?

They’re barely worth it considering the hassle. But I understand you might want that free beer or discount on your 1000th flight.

  1. You’re worried about Freetrade collapsing.

Ok, but you’re covered by all manner of fscs and FCA rules to get your money back. Ignore Beaufort.

If you really want personal membership then you need to look at Killik, Charles Stanley and whomever else offers it and pay the associated costs.

Honestly, it’s not worth it. Nominee is just fine.

(Andy) #24

When dividends are paid, will they be listed separately? Ideally I’d love to keep track of how much is earnt in dividends over time rather than the money just going back into available money.


I’d imagine they’d pop up in the activity feed🤞

(Andy) #26

Sure, but it would be nice to have a seperate total of lifetime earned dividends.

(Chris) #27

I need to start my tracking of what I’ve paid sooner rather than later.


Totally. I just imagined the future activity feed being something like Monzo search in the future where you could type “Dividends” and have it filter for that with a total for lifetime dividends and average dividends at the bottom.

(Vladislav Kozub) #29

Or rather than type, even have a filter of activities based on the type: dividends, buy, sell, top up, withdrawal, etc.

That way you will save time on typing and avoid transcription errors.

(Rob Sexton) #30

Initially we’ll just be adding it to your deposit balance, but down the line we hope to offer the option to keep the dividend income separate, as we know some people want the clarity over this.

(Dimitri John Ledkov) #31

ISA funds must be held in a nominee, and cannot be held in ones own name in CREST.

(Denislav) #32

HI @xnox, I am sure it’s good to hear how the ISA funds will be held. When I first asked the question a few months back I was mainly thinking about an individual investor. :slight_smile: