Weird message about topup

I just got a mesage saying that I tried to top up but my details were incorrect and if I don’t provide a bank statement, it will be returned. However, I have not topped up for months now. Is this just a glitch?


Just received the same message: “You have tried to deposit cash into your Freetrade account”, and asking for bank statements.

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Also got the same message…

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And me too. I wonder if the message has gone out to 1M+ customers.

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Same here , what’s going on .is it safe to trade ?

Same here, their tweet has calmed me a little😄

Received a similar message.

Meanwhile received a message saying it was sent to me by mistake.

Sorted I think

Bet some poor person click “send all” then immediately wanted the ground to swallow them up.


Same here …,disregarded the message but will it go away and when will i be able to transfer money…Wont oppen my bank account and it limits under £1000gbp

Well done to the ‘send all’ person, gave us something more to talk about than stocks going down…

We are all human x


Haha, I got the same and fair play as I got an apology and response to my “what are you talking about??” pretty quickly from 2 different people :slight_smile:

I cant seem to topup now