Well done England!

Well done today England well deserved. I would’ve backed them pre-tournament but they were only 5/1. I hope we can beat NZ today so that both of us square off in the semi’s. If we can’t manage to beat them you guys will be playing the All Blacks which will be a juicy encounter, which in my eyes should really be the final. Best northern hemisphere vs best southern hemisphere team.

Well done again England. Come on Ireland :ireland::ireland::ireland:


Shame to see Ireland get a bit of a shellacking from the All Blacks, they really didn’t do themselves justice. Don’t underestimate Wales, we are the reigning northern hemisphere champions after all! :wink:

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Absolutely gutted after that. I think we peaked this time last year beating the all blacks in Dublin. On world ranking going into the World Cup ireland were actually #1

If we would have beaten japan we would have had the easier draw. Wales look great for the final. Can’t wait for England vs NZ though