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Hahaha ok didn’t know about this. I agree the platform isn’t very intuitive and their mobile app leaves a lot to be desired

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…and if you ever have to use their Customer Service… well, brace yourself!

I asked them to add a new stock once… 7 days later I got an email asking me to provide all the static data they would need… bizarre, but weirdly I could actually provide it, but wouldn’t expect the customer to provide such detailed information to a broker! Then another 7 days later the stock was on the platform… that’s not exactly fast.

Then I approached them to ask why they had no pre-sale documents for lots of ETFs/ITs etc… 7 days later I got an email asking me to provide a full list of all stocks they had missing documents for… again, weird… customer service that needs all the work done for them…

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That sound’s crazy…basically having you do their work for them. I’ve dealth with their customer service but they were actually quite prompt and helpful. Must be the Irish team having a lot less queries to deal with

In the meantime Bux launched as well…

@petermuller Do you use them Peter? What are your thoughts on them. I’ll wait for FT and continue to use DeGiro I think


Any update on wether Ireland launch will be this year?


Dying for Freetrade to launch in Ireland. Please be January I can’t wait any longer. All the while I’m building a great portfolio on degiro, and at €10 transfer per position(degiro transfer fee) no way will I be moving them to Freetrade. If FT does not launch soon I’m afraid I will have amassed too big a portfolio on degiro to ever make Freetrade the real priority

I suspect this is the case for many people. Also it is definitely the case for FT’s target market. They read about index funds, they look for a broker, FT is not there so they skip past it and use another. Most passive investors like this will be stubborn when it comes to the provider. They won’t move just because of the hassle.


Any update guys, we are chomping at the bit here in the green isle!


Any updates on Ireland launch?


Any news on Ireland yet? Are they still on beta any idea when it will be opened up to everyone?will we be able to send friend referrals from UK platform to people in Ireland?

Adam mentioned on the AMA they are awaiting a European license which should be issued before the end of the year and they intend to launch early 2021.


Where has Shaun-Aurora disappeared to: Does anyone know


Ah ok thank you I missed that.

He is probably sipping cocktails in Portugal :smile:

His account says he’s suspended? No idea what for.


any update on the launch in Ireland?


Desperately needed

Hopefully soon!