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Wendy’s increasing their dividend has got me interested:

Entering the UK market in the next 12-18 months also!

Be interesting to see with the current cutbacks across the industry whether those plans get put on hold or carry on full steam ahead.

What the F.
Is this the next meme stonk? New ATH?!

Could, judging from the number of “This is a Wendy’s” memes over in WSB.

It could also be partly because Wendy’s opening over here again.

Wendy’s, famous U.S.A.-based fast food chain would be a great addition to Freetrade.

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who else is on the Wendy’s meme stock?

All in on $wen
For once it’s a solid brand with a huge reputation and good fundamentals.

They’ve opened a branch up in the UK … I wouldn’t go to Reading for it though!

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Tell me when they open a big kahuna burger … I hear they’re tasty!

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