What broad market trends are influencing your investment strategy right now?

Below are some things I understand to be impacting the market at present. I wanted to gauge other peoples’ thoughts as to whether these are valid things to be reflecting on and/or whether I’m missing anything?

  • Many FTSE stocks are looking cheap right now because 1) it’s looking most likely that we’re leaving the EU without a deal and 2) the rising number in cases of Covid 19.

  • Biden looks set to win the US election but that’s largely already baked into stock prices that stand to benefit from this result such as renewal energy stocks.

  • Tech stocks have tumbled in the past week after a long bull run. This isn’t likely to be the start of a crash but rather investors pausing for breath and looking at whether the narrative around some of these growth stocks has exceeded the numbers.

  • Antitrust concerns render most (if not all) FAANG stocks precarious for the short to medium term

  • The pandemic isn’t going to go away in 2021, much of the various sector performance trends we’ve seen this 2020 will continue

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I have a little concern about what happens to the markets over winter due to covid. However, i don’t really care about market trends.

I buy a stock of it looks like a good price and any market trends will even out over a long enough timeline, 5+ years.

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I only bought SCO on eToro to balance market losses. It’s very powerful, around +25% during the current sp500 crisis.

However I’m a long term holder of Global Green Energy UCITS etf.

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