What happens when you tap ‘buy’ article


I think the strange beast is even more awesome at alchemy than you realised or the delivery elf is at it. The 500 sprouts turned into 50 cabbages, but then somehow had become 100 cabbages in the portfolio.

“Upon arrival, the helper elf hands 500 sprouts to a strange beast who has the power of alchemy. One touch and 500 sprouts turn into 50 fresh cabbages. After a brief moment of wonder, the elf is off to deliver the cabbages back to Freetrade.”
“So it’s been problematic, but we’ve got there. The elf quickly updates your portfolio to reflect your new ownership of 100 cabbages and heads home for the evening.”

Did the elf cut them in two? Or was it a mixed batch of mummy and daddy cabbages?


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@rob_h even the editors need editors :sweat_smile:

Hey @EuanG love you’re reading closely but may have skipped a trick.

You’ve originally got 2 sets of 500 sprouts/stocks. The ones that got settled straight away and landed in Freetrade need to be converted by the strange beast (company registrars).

But the ones that never got settled and delivered just get replaced with a new contract for 50 cabbages.

500 shares in the Freetrade app get turned into 50 cabbage-shares.

Your other late 500 sprouts/shares never get delivered - instead you just get 50 more cabbages with no need for a conversion.

For a final total of 100 in your portfolio

(Can’t believe how much I’ve chatted sprouts and elves these last 2 days)

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting back to me. My confusion is probably based on the front end user perspective, where I must have received 1,000 sprouts on T in my account, even though in the back end there were two contracts for 500 sprouts, one of which was settled and another which was unfilled. My assumption was that the elf was exchanging my account balance which was 500, not 1.000.

I don’t know if you’ve added this bit in or I missed it in my original reading, but it explains the difference:

" The 500 sprouts purchased last week are also going to need to be exchanged and the elves make arrangements to remove them from the Freetrade storage depot."

Regards, Euan

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The clever elves are there to ensure you get your entitlement. The system places obstacles in their way but they will always prevail. A whole host of other systems validate their output and ensure nothing slips through the net.

Good to know we have other people watching and questioning though. You did however turn up in my LinkedIn recommended connections this morning… so now I’m a little scared. But I can see you work close to my flat. Can you pop around and read the electricity meter? (joking!)


Ha, small world. I don’t actually work there any longer, changed a few weeks ago and now back in the city centre. However, I live near there across from the Volvo dealer (used to be Jaguar) so can easily check your meter, but only if your flat is cat free as I’m allergic. Not sure if I’m allergic to elves.


Man, I have bad news for you… 100% sure this is what Rob has at home


Small world indeed. No cats. I’m allergic too!!!

My place is in the city centre/Stockbridge but of course I was just joking.

Elf cats will thrive on human attention and love. They are loyal and will often be found by your side or on your lap. They do, however, have a mischievous side.

I’d like to think this would be the perfect cat for Rob if he wasn’t allergic! :slight_smile:

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