What is going on today? - Megathread


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Shareholders having their say :joy:


At this level, pay should be linked to performance for bonuses. Those who underperform shouldn’t be receiving any and have their pay frozen and if they meet expected targets and growth then bonus should be paid. However, there is an expectation (from CEOs) that they receive a bonus regardless of performance.

For someone who works in the public sector, theres never a bonus, no pay for over time, little to no pay increase for a decade due to austerity and now pay freeze for the next 5 years.


Found this pretty insightful. Not sure if it’s something you can sign up to receive.

Bit of positivity - I’m finally in the green :joy::raised_hands:

Started investing properly beginning of Jan, but by February I had lost over £1,000 and since then it’s struggled to recover.

The last couple of weeks has brought me back up on an even keel. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Am I on the moon yet? :joy::joy:

Seriously… AMC and Tesla… don’t f**k it up


Why the heck do FT put hundreds of new threads out that are not on the app? :man_facepalming: I wasted time yesterday looking for them and again wasted time this morning and they still are not there. It is such a terrible way of doing things as many will see the new thread and then search the stock on the app.

At the very least put a copy paste message on each thread like “Coming soon to FT is …” then the usual info followed by also saying you will pin/post a message/list when the new additions are on the app. This would be a 2 second click/paste but improve forum experience.

If you need to clog the forums for a day every so often at least try and make the experience user friendly by explaining when the threads are relevant. :+1:


Its very strange. A new stocks today thread is all that is needed, then you could scroll through in seconds and make a note of what interested you.

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I totally understand the need for a thread to link to the stock on the app so it is a necessary evil of having the new threads but it is the poor way it is done. :+1: If you need to do it before the app launch then add a copy paste as I mentioned before which takes 2 seconds and follow up with a list when released.

The annoying thing is that it is GREAT that they are adding loads of new stocks but they instantly go and ruin the good news by not actually being on the app yet :joy: :man_facepalming:

I am sure many do what I do and read the thread then search on the app for history etc but it isn’t there so can’t press to watch. I know it is a 1st world problem :joy: but such an easy thing to make clear and user friendly.


Bloomberg all complaining about liquidity and an incoming crash.

They are also quoting Dr burry lol.

Buckle up. We gonna get hyper inflation imo. Central bankers can’t stop won’t stop print shop.

The 10Y is at 1.45% so that seems quite a contrarian view.

movements will be parabolic

I’m not dismissing your opinion, I’m just saying lots of people must disagree if they are buying T-notes at 1.45. If sustained inflation was widely anticipated the yield curve would not be flattening like this.


i can see. things have been simmering. we have been at all time highs on markets. however, under the hood we are watching the price of importing/exporting stuff go through the roof and we are watching wages push up in a few countries. To top it off we have governments printing at high rates in all sorts of forms.

(Ultra) loose monetary policy ≠ necessarily consumer price inflation. What we saw post financial crisis, as a result of unprecedented (at that time) levels of coordinated monetary easing was significant asset price inflation; come through global equities and property.

I honestly think all the hyperinflation chatter is hyperbole. Yes, we’ve had huge levels of fiscal stimulus in addition to the monetary easing, but in this wasn’t additive, this was intensive care for an economy essentially put on ice, ditto eurozone. Will we see short term/medium consumer price pressure? No doubt, and for all the reasons you’ve mentioned.

But once supply chains recover and recalibrate, I believe the biggest mitigant to persistent high consumer price inflation will kick in; the same globalisation and labour arbitrage play that propelled the Chinese economy to its current size, which will mean other less developed countries (or China BAU) will pick up the baton.


And if anything the past year has accelerated this.

The move out of the office has accelerated location arb for many roles (e.g. if your devs/BAs aren’t colocated anyway then who cares where they are). Ancedotally many India tech/data roles have seen huge (100+%) pay hikes in the last year and resourcing is a big challenge for our product teams.

On a local scale this might all sound inflationary (massive increases in comp, vacancies) but on a global scale it’s just everything moving to a medium cost centre - location arbitrage.


So, you’re saying it’s… transitory?