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And everyone who chases dividednt portfolio will see a hammering if things do turn south. Dang bitflip 15 years to recover I should of sold up when we had that rally spent my riches and bought back in at 15 years.

Jokes aside you can see why people sell up as who wants to sit and watch a sea of red for 15 years when banks could be paying you green each year :slight_smile:

15 years to recover, thats 15 years of growth
so buying 15 years ago would have seen a nice profit by now
stands to reason buying at this market crash will see 15 years of profits


Only some came back to where they were after 15 years of lower than average growth. Many disappeared completely. £1 in 2015 was worth something a lot lot less than £1 in 2000.

The market in aggregate though does well over the long term. So if the point is buy the aggregate market … that makes sense.

but still growth none the less, better to be invested than not

The bad news is that not every share recovers. And yes you are right dividends do get cut … sometimes completely. On the rosy side though the market as a whole does go up over the long term. Buying world ETFs is a useful practice. Of course, if you are a great stock picker you could do better. But most of us aren’t consistently good at that.

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So with US rates a-jumping we can expect further pressure on the pound. Holders of US stocks are going to see a positive impact (the +ve gains on many people’s £GBP portfolio graphs are so because of the weakening pound) and correspondingly US stocks will be getting more expensive to buy as the pound keeps sliding. Flipside: UK companies look cheaper to US buyers.


Is that such a good thing though for the UK getting bought out by the USA and other countries.

I’m sure they will all pay their fair share of tax into the system :wink:

I’d be surprised if more companies aren’t going to be looking so attractive that US hedge firms will be able to ignore for much longer.

I’d keep and eye on Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado

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Good comment. I was thinking one issue is “investable” companies will get bought out and made private. Then we just have dogs in the FTSE. Kind of sucks.

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The FTSE is already a bit of a dinosaur as far as the main companies in its index. Take away a few shining lights or nationally significant business and you’re right we’ll be left with the ‘runts’

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There is a legitimately interesting story around who actually wrote that song.

It’s a much more complex story than you’d imagine.

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Stamp duty cuts on the menu again


This should raise house prices

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It’s fair to say most of the tax cuts being proposed, that we might find out about in the chancellors update tomorrow.

Are essentially benefitting the wealthier/high earning, by having the biggest tax reduction impact, same as this stamp duty cut - https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/money/2022/sep/21/uk-stamp-duty-cut-will-benefit-wealthier-and-raise-inflation-say-experts

Obviously some form of tax cut is what you’d expect with the Tories forming the Government.

Any benefit to first time buyers will probably get eaten up by some increase (however small) in house prices.

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There seems to be a fair bit of a noise about Stamp duty cuts. We shall see on Friday I guess.

I think if the stamp duty cuts happen we will see lots of heavy hitters buying big lump sums of stocks while they can?

I think they were talking about stamp duty on property sales not shares.

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