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The stress test have been very tightly applied and in many cases caused harm. It is these stress test that mean someone paying rent on a property couldn’t buy it for a lower monthly payment.

However …

This will almost certainly abused, with the government planning to allow applicants to use benefits towards affordability it’s just throwing fuel on the fire.

It is absolutely the worst time to be trying this nonsense but this will all be forgotten in 3-5 years when these defaults start to happen. Keep an eye on the specialist lenders like Aldermore, Kensington & Vida from 2026 ish.

All this to keep Conservative votes happy with their house price rising.


Age demographic. Of course.

Leader in the previous Economist

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 20.20.24

touches upon this issue.

It is behind a paywall. However, you may find that your local library makes a subscription available to you.

I recommend that anyone that considers themselves to be an investor to read the Economist (at least from time to time).


Many paywall articles, excluding Bloomberg, can be found by copying the URL into the internet archive. https://archive.ph/

Stick it in reader mode (iOS / Mac OS) and you won’t notice the difference.


Interestingly the old spam the escape key to stop the scripts running seems to still work on that page :rofl:

That doesn’t usually work any more


Also 12ft.io works well for paywalls.


It appears like the FTSE appears to be rising. I’m about £50 less in the red on both ISAs I hold.

Ok it’s not a huge rally, but it’s minorly noticeable.

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:see_no_evil: it won’t last. We are in a hold of the bears :bear:
A small rally means bigger falls to follow :speak_no_evil:
More dips to buy :relieved:


Got my shopping list to top up some of my guys today as long as they stay under 30-40% down.

That’s my way of making my own silver lining :rofl:

Epd, ntr, Glen, xom are on my shopping list.

Oil ain’t going down, even with 10% fed rates.

Bought £IH2O £FTAD and $DEA in my ISA today. Got plenty of of cash to buy the bear market.

Been buying £ISF almost every day early last week.

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Canoeting: to comute using a canoe


Damn I was wanting to buy oil but now Jim Cramer has called investors to buy so I’ve become conflicted.

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Except he does it daily. His job is an outdoor pursuits company based in Wales. Stating has saved ‘thousands’ - this isn’t a one off because of the strikes.
It’s scum news & the guy going for easy advertising.

Whats he gunna do when the river freezes?

It’s a light-hearted story! Breathe @Bagshaw breathe and know everything will be all right in the end.

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Ice skate

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That reminds me of this story…

It’s actually crossed my mind, That canal isn’t that far from my house and goes very close to work, but I suspect it would still take longer than walking including faffing about with the kayak

I mean, where would you stash your packed lunch? :laughing:

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