What is going on today? - Megathread

I suppose the hope (if hope is allowed in investing) is that the ‘budget’ was announced early enough in the day for the UK markets to give their full response by the end of the trading day, and that most of the damage is already done.

That said, for the first time, I’ve set stop losses on ALL my individual shares (which I’m sure someone is going to say is the sensible thing to do regardless of circumstances). Hopefully they won’t be triggered.

By the way, whatever happened to the predicted post pandemic boom?

The boom decided to do a reverse boom instead

Do you mean a moob? Of which, at my advance age, I now have two??

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If you’re not called USD you’ve had a pretty terrible few months.

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So what’s the thinking for Monday? Panic over - most damage already done (for now)?

Or fingers poised over the sell buttons at 7.59 a.m.?

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I think there may be some more currency action on Monday morning and going forward certainly for the short term. I sold out of all my individual Uk shares and switched those funds fully into global ETFs. Bit sad really but I want to keep investing and sleep at night.


Fair comment. Things certainly look interesting going forward! :grimacing:

Good luck.

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US pre market looking pretty flat… I think it’ll be a red start across the board.

I’m just holding and not buying anymore US stocks for the time being, but have buy orders on L&G & some dividend ETFs.


It may be worth checking out Short FTSE100 and Inverse S&P500 as these seems to be the only ‘inverse’ funds available on Freetrade currently. Bit bleak but may be worth a careful look.

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Deleting the app for a few months may be an option :joy:


Yeah, I’m up 18% so far. But hedge it imo.

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:laughing: not a bad plan

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I hear we could be heading for a great depression rather than the recession we’re in just now that would be fun :frowning:, as for the recession the Bank of England thinks roughly 2 years of neg growth.

As for Monday mmmm further falling of the pound I foresee, rising fuel, rising energy etc etc

Anyways I’m away to the fair today with the wee ones to enjoy the recession :smiley:

Adam makes things sound brighter :slight_smile:
glass always half full
no need to panic

Let’s hope he’s somewhere near right.

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I’m quietly confident my portfolio will see a good week. It’s all about the macros now and the spin put on things. I still feel like i’m playing a game someone doesn’t want me to win. But i’ve got a good hand even if they keep changing the rules.

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Can I come out from behind the curtains yet? :man_facepalming:

Everytime I look I’m further down…first time iv been an investor and seen anything like this. (Iv only been investing 18months or so). So many things now look cheap, but I’m putting off buying anything as I feel out of my depth on what’s going to happen next.