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As long as you sold them after the ex dividend date you will still receive the dividend.

The option to pay annually is located under the ‘manage my plan’ section.

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Thanks Neil, I got a little worried their as that’s me selling up everything since I started in 2021 to try rebuy back in the isa

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You’re welcome. I think your dividends will still be paid into your GIA as that is where you held the shares originally. FT can transfer the funds over to your ISA once they have cleared.

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So for example * Rio Tinto’s upcoming ex-dividend date is on Aug 09, 2023 . Rio Tinto shareholders who own RIO stock before this date will receive Rio Tinto’s next dividend payment of $1.76 per share on Sep 20, 2023. Add RIO to your watchlist to be reminded before Rio Tinto’s ex-dividend date."

This is my biggest holding at almost £2,000 if I sold now and waited to buy back into the stock on the 20th when the div is paid? Would that not be the best time as the stock would tank at that date.

I’m currently 6% down and would be selling at a loss of £121 down and I lose out on the 50p stamp duty as well for the 32 shares.

Kinda seeing the pain now of not having an isa to start I also never kept a record of the profits I just made on the S n p 500, all world and admiral but I know it’s under the capital gains we’re allowed for the year anyways.

Do I need them transfered or could I not just use the cash in my account to buy more isa stocks? Do I need to ask ft now to move the cash I have just got into an isa? Ahh I never knew that.


Because you’ve already passed the ex dividend date you will receive the dividend payment into your GIA account. The stock price usually drops by the dividend amount after the ex dividend date not the payment date. It’s up to you if you want to wait to buy back in at a later date as the stock could go up or down between now and then, in effect you are trying to time the market which is not recommended. When I followed the same process I bought back into the shares straight away and there will be a slight loss due to stamp duty.

The funds in your GIA are separate to your ISA, you have to transfer them.

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Ahh my bad I thought it was the payment date that the stock drops which would mean I don’t have long to wait but never mind you cleared that up lol. I don’t time the market anymore or well sit there trying.

I was taking someone else’s advice selling at a loss to buy in at a cheaper price making it the exact same being thst I only loose the stamp duty which actully does add up.

Ahh noooo I just remembered someone said you should buy the same amount in your gia and in your isa then sell your gia lol forgot about that.

Does it take long to transfer funds over.?

Couldn’t repliy ages ago as the form was in read only mode

@acamp Hi do you know why the add card section is greyed out when trying to open the isa? I have done everything as I should of

Long card number

Month entered as two digits

Expiry date as four numbers?

But add card stays greyed out, it’s the same card u have been using for deposits which works fine everytime.


The way I did it was put some money in the ISA, then buy the stock in the ISA and sell in the GIA at the same time. Then withdraw the money from the GIA when it clears and repeat with the next stock, you need a bit of spare cash to do it this way and it takes a while but it takes away the risk of missing out on a price rise


Yeah sadly I went trigger happy this morning sold everything and half way through doing it I remembered what you told me.

Now I can’t even open am isa and I have cash just sitting now, cause the dang button stays greyed out. I have accepted all the terms etc from the isa and all that as well before I even get to the card stage.

I followed the same process as Dave so that I wasn’t out of the market for too long. Hope that you get it resolved quickly @Kiava

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Thanks Neil, my head actully is hurting though as Usally I keep tabs on stuff always but for some reason I just rushed into pressing sell mostly because after opening time there’s a small rally then a dip so today that was happning.

Now I don’t have a clue what losses I made and what profits I made because I was stupid and didn’t take my time.

So at this point it’s forget and move on and start again inside the isa and never look backx I will class that as a mistake of many I have made on my 3 year journey so far.

It would be good if share sells told you how much profit or loss you made from the sale as well as we all know you might have 1000 different buy ins so to track it all gets messy or you need a spreadsheet etc.

A simple +£120 on it or - £345 would be good and helpful.

I think you’ve made a wise choice chalking it down to experience and looking at your ISA as a fresh start. If you had the time you could download the free stock events app and add all your original buy transactions and then your sale transactions so you can see your overall P&L excluding dividends. I use a combination of this and Dividend watch for this reason.


Thank you, I think yes I will do what you said but rushing now for work in 2 hours as well ahhh.

I know roughly I was down 63 pounds as of Friday since I began investing so considering all the losses and mistakes buying penny stocks which crashed etc I have done not to bad since July 2021.

The money I have now sitting I think I will spread it out a lot better this time I’m thinking more into efts with only a set few divident stocks. I would say a max of 10 positions but I will prob start out with 4 to 5 and work my way back up.

Thanks for the info

Oil needs to be broken

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@NeilR It’s funny when my funds arrived in my ISA I said I will take my time and slowly buy back in haha that went out the window I spend every single penny in about 5 mins lol, got rid of some old stocks and got some new stocks now I have the standard plan I couldn’t get before.

Although these new ones I’ll stick with little amounts until I fully research into them but for now the majority will be efts, rio, admiral, Lloyd’s, L and G, BP, berkshire, Scottish trust, snp500, uk100, all world, British Tabaco.

I rebought the same amount of shares in mgc pharma and afc energy just cause they dropped so hard it’s only a tenner in each mostly and I lost lots cash on them so worth a punt encase some miracle happens.

So see how it goes :slight_smile:

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Can’t you use the insight settings to see how well/badly you are doing??

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Yes but it’s always abit eeee, due to free shares and people said stamp duty etc is not included etc?

When I get a moment I will try work it all out using the website NeilR advised me to use.

Not sure if dividends are included.
In the sence that they are a profit or just money added?

Dividents or any interest received is classed as income so I hear.