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eek haha ‘invest in British or lose isa status’

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The question is for most: Invest in British what? It’s all so secretive and behind closed doors most people have no idea what’s going on in the UK business economy.

In the USA it’s been blindingly obvious what America stands for (up until the last 5 ish years with the American dream kinda never being spoken about anymore for obvious reasons).

The UK ‘elites’ hide what’s going on and then they themselves capitalise and rinse the population. That’s why millions do not invest, they do not feel part of the club and certainly do not feel part of the upper class. So why tf should they risk their cash with no advantage?

I see it from many angles.

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There are over 1900 companies listed on the LSE, so answering your question on this thread would be quite an onerous task.

I’m not sure what you mean by your conclusion, ‘it’s all so secretive and behind doors.’ I invest mainly in AIM and whilst I do not have access to the minds of the owners of those companies, they publish the odd RNS, half yearly and annual reports.

Also, ‘blindingly obvious’? Could you illuminate further?

And the elites, care to put a bit more colour into that thought? There are a lot of conclusions in your addition but I’m not seeing the workings out. I promise I’m not writing this from a GCHQ/CIA golf ball listening post.

I’m more inclined to believe that the ‘invest in British firms’ idea is aimed at the majority of British people who don’t invest at all right now and have all their savings sitting in cash savings/cash ISAs.


Invest in British and watch your investment stagnate :smile:


Rio has been ace although it’s based in Australia, it’s listed in AZ, EU and GDP.

Rolls Royce has been doing welll, admiral is doing great, legal and general are bouncing back, Lloyd’s as well.

Since rebhying into my isa only a few months ago rio is already up 10%. L+G 5+%, admiral 7.6% etc but all world 1.2% snp500 1.8% my few other American stocks are lagging behind berkshire in red still, botz just over the green etc

I like picking both and surly hunt means other isas in banks. It can’t be stocks and shares isa as we already use the cash to invest, they can’t force us to use help to buy untill after 2023 and lifetime isas well…

"He adds: ‘Anyone buying a stocks and shares Isa should have to put a third or a half of their money into UK firms to get the tax perks.’

Current regulations also mean that when individuals buy shares in UK companies, they pay 0.5 per cent stamp duty but when they buy overseas shares there is no charge."

Have you read the comments on the article as well. They pretty much mimic what we have been preaching, not long ago on here.

People feeling it’s to risky, scared, don’t understand the markets and stocks but they understand savings accounts, not worth It, it’s like a casino, it’s gambling for no rewards.

Some are even saying what I said above a few days ago…

“So why is the chancellor punishing shareholders through taxation. He along with councillors have helped destroy the private rental sector, now have their eyes on the holiday let sector. I saved and invested prudently for retirement only to be punished. Maybe something to be said for spending your money then relying on The State”

“not only is it risky, but there is no incentive due to the fact your earnings will be taxed. so why take the risk? 10k spare cash is hardly much… 50k+ spare cash maybe, but not 10k.”

From what I see out of that 129 comments only a handful say they invest. If they do its usa etc a few did say uk tho

Autumn budget time yeahhhhh boi

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The reality about the S&P 500 this year is this: seven companies alone have done a good part of the work in the index’s performance.


“Get used to making less.”

Anyone scared yet :smiley:

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Past performance is never indicative of future results. Just look at what happened to the Japan Nikkei in the late eighties, 30 years of negative returns. One word: Diversify.


Yup heard that line many a time :slight_smile: it’s just the USA is a behemoth, so you can be as diverse as you want to be but as he’s stating get used to making less and the USA is pretty much the market.

Still waiting on emerging markets emerging, the UK we await growth, Japan is Japan, Russia well yeah… And China is the other giant in the room but people are wary of investing due to china’s political rules.

Warren has always said though that even with berkshire etc don’t expect the same results as they once got in the past it just can’t happen


Gold is at its all-time high. Central banks are buying tons of it, possibly anticipating interest rate cuts.

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India and Indo-Pacific countries :wink:

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Another great chart on the S&P 500’s 2023 performance. Will these 493 other companies have better performance in 2024?



You need to dig deeper this doesnt tell the full story. The data i looked at around a week ago shows that 129 companies in the S&P 500 is beating it so far in 2023. So could any of the 129 companies beat it next year. Yes, absolutely.

Also look at the top 5-10 performers, Royal Caribbean 4th, Carnival, General Eletctric, Pulte Group, ACN 3rd. Not just big tech and the magnificent 7.

I think this is about the weight these 7 companies had on the performance of the S&P 500 this year. But you are right to observe that other companies had good performance, even though their weight is small.

With the job market in the US cooling, I guess in the next FED meeting they will continue to hold their rates.

Update: I wasn’t aware, but it looks like next week is going to be quite busy, especially with the CPI scheduled for Tuesday at 8:30 am and the FED meeting on Wednesday at 1:00 pm. Brace yourself; it might be a volatile week. I’m hopeful for positive outcomes.

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