What is going on today? - Megathread

unless Reform win ! then that will move the markets one way or the other :rofl:

A victory of Reform UK would be final blow for the LSE. BTW, I hope you guys have a private health insurance… :wink:

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US Market closed today for the 4th of July celebrations.

Has anyone else noticed that there are great consumer brand stocks available at a significant discount right now? I don’t just think they will be on sale in the years ahead.

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Interesting - any examples please?


backing up the truck on PEP/SJM/CPB/KHC/K/GIS…may add HSY


Some good examples for me would be the ones with a strong brand, like MCD/NKE/LULU/SBUX.


Good afternoon :sun_with_face: -

After a short break, we are back and as usual we selected the best articles published in the past few days :point_down::

Portfolio Construction

:arrow_right: Higher Stock/Bond correlations - legacy of Covid, or permanent change?
:arrow_right: A century of diversification – was it worth it?
:arrow_right: Another Roaring '20s for the US
:arrow_right: The Benefits of a Simple Investment Approach with Rick Ferri


:arrow_right: Amundi Launches The Cheapest Accumulating Global ETF
:arrow_right: New Amundi Global ETF: How Does It Compare?
:arrow_right: Scalable Capital to offer Amundi ETFs
:arrow_right: How Italian fund selectors are using ETFs in portfolios

Active Investing

:arrow_right: Concerned About Lofty Valuations? Consider Small Caps
:arrow_right: Stock Market vs. Private Equity: PE with over 100 M in revenue makes up 87% of all companies, and that number is only increasing.
:arrow_right: A core allocation to CTAs might be as wise as going tactical
:arrow_right: Investing masterclass by Aswath Damodaran

Wealth & Lifestyle

:arrow_right: NY Times: How to retire as early as humanly possible
:arrow_right: Millionaires are leaving the UK faster than any country
:arrow_right: BlackRock on how to attract high net worth clients
:arrow_right: Best summer books of 2024: Economics
:arrow_right: The Vatican Financial Empire - A Hidden History

Have a great week-end!

Francesca from BoW Team :biking_man: :biking_woman:t3:


SBUX below the $74 mark is hard to ignore :cup_with_straw:

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SBUX/MCD/LULU/NKE all of them

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With the likelihood of an interest rate cut approaching, I assume that market money will move towards stocks that have been struggling due to the high rates and are currently down. Consumer, financial, and real estate stocks, to name a few, should benefit from the cut. Meanwhile, the stocks currently in rally mode, I suppose, might experience a decline as traders take their profits and shift their investments. What do you think?



What I’m currently betting on. Loading up while everyone’s selling to buy Nvidia


RIP intrest rate cuts :sleepy:

:rotating_light: June 2024 CPI Report :rotating_light:

• YoY: 3.0% vs Est. 3.1%; 3.3% prior

Core CPI
• YoY: 3.3% vs Est. 3.4%; 3.4% prior

Are we going to moon today :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


My portfolio is already very green and it’s only pre market. :blush:
I feel some nice profits coming our way

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Careful now, you’ll be thanking Labour next :laughing:



That happened.
Rotation into small caps

I blame Labour

We will now 100% be green tomorrow

Blimey - that’s nearly more companies than VWRL!!

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That’s not my portfolio that’s the sp500
I only have 80 something in my portfolio :rofl:
Basically all the red ones :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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