What is the cheapest and most expensive share on Freetrade currently?

The title says it all really - was just curious of the answer

There is not a way to search by share price


Single-share-wise probably Amazon, currently at $1,925.

The cheapest is probably Debenhams, Β£0.03 :rofl:

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I’d jump at the chance of Β£0.03. Unfortunately they can’t be sold :cry:
Luckily it was only a couple of quid :sweat_smile:

Fake news :grin:

Debenhams shares are no more

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Only for the privileged :wink:

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Thomas Cook if you got β€˜em while they were around. Otherwise Lloyd’s is probably the cheapest.

Sirius Minerals is 22p at the moment


I’m interested in this kind of info, it would be great if you could sort the list in the discovery tab.

Is it possible within the app to see the number of shares that exist for a company and so based on the share price, its current overall value?