What rewards would you like to receive for investing in Freetrade? 🎁

(Jonny) #61

I agree with you. Water bottle or charity donation don’t add much but would be nice (granted, one ethically more than another). I was just trying to understand Justin’s point.

Ps. 1+ for Freetrade Flip Flop though :freetrade:

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(Big Boss) #62

You can donate whatever you want to charity, but when it’s in your hands… Just don’t assume others want to donate what would otherwise be precious company capital to charity. Freetrade is a startup that needs capital to survive and thrive, not some large institution with a lovely charitable foundation.

Sure, initial press coverage would be nice, but that’ll die off.

A shirt, water bottle, flip flop or something wearable will have a far more meaningful impact on growth, whether it is conversation starter or whatever viral marketing…

You can donate the shirt, water bottle, flip flop or whatever to charity if you want.

Personally, I don’t want anything. I want all my investment to go into Freetrade hiring and growth.


I’d like there to be an option - to have my ‘reward’ be donated to charity or, if that’s not available, to receive no reward.

I have all the t-shirts, water bottles and flip flops I need.

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(Kevyn) #64

Which charity though? I don’t donate to national charities, only local ones. Will Fairtrade list every charity in the UK? Amazon Smile, for example, does have a local one I donate to so it is possible to achieve this. Which charity gets priority if not?

Personally, I feel lets keep it simple.

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Whatever charity Freetrade want to donate to, to keep it simple.

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(Jonny) #66

Let’s put this to a good old fashioned vote

  • Charity
  • Merch
  • Other

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If you give to charity directly as a individual then you can let the charity claim Gift Aid which adds an extra 25p for every £1 you give, while not costing you any extra.

(Riz) #69
  • App Icon is a very good / cost effective idea
  • For merchandise has to be something relatively low cost but a good marketing/conversation starter , like a Key ring / Coffee cup etc
  • Discounted ISA or Alpha is also good idea , will encourage more Freetraders to use these services, which are long term revenue generator .
  • Free Alpha for week or whatever days/weeks depending on amount of investment
(Sam Landsman) #70

What merch do people want?

  • Socks
  • Bottle
  • Flip flops
  • T-shirt
  • Jumper
  • Onesie
  • Pen
  • Mug

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(Henry) #71

Agreed. -1 for charity donation.


I would think about some kind of digital milestone rather Than physical object. In the world surrounded by object they loose value and excitement pretty quickly. I would add for each category some kind of a special perk in the app or this forum. Lower fees - Special logo - badge - or some sort of membership that perks and change over time. Starting from 10% off for some kind of service. OR maybe free subscription to the Ecomist or Financial Times or Bloomberg to follow the news and trends. Or recommended list of books on investing. Keep the knowledge and interest growing. Hope that helps


Another - 1 for charity donation. Freetrade should be using as much of the funding round as possible to grow the business and for many people this would be a very tax inefficient way to donate to charity.

(Ryan Skidmore) #74

A choice would be great, Freetrade branded merch or charitable donation.

(Ben) #75

I don’t want anything going anywhere apart from growing freetrade. I dont care for tin hats and whatever poundland items are being tossed up (why not buy them and sell them instead with a small mark up?!). If I invest in free trade I want 100% maximum efficiency of that money. I dont see how flip flops help the growth of the firm at all. Once free trade is a multi billion pound company i couldn’t care less if they want to chuck around a few Bob but at the moment you are coming to me for money to keep you alive. Priorities folks.


Not a fan of the merch idea. Expensive, with lots of logistics involved, and once the novelty has worn off people will care less. Plus they’re a distraction from the main product in my opinion. And I’ve seen how long it can take to approve something like a T-shirt design.

If any rewards exist, I think things like a custom app icon, early access to new stocks, pick the next new stock to be added, a few free instant trades, early invites to meetings/investor only meetings, priority top ups, and so on. And scale them up for different investment amounts if needed.

Things which are more fundamental to the product and some of which aren’t too costly in terms of engineering time or marginal costs.

Or on the more expensive side (not sure if legal) but something like every £10 invested gets you an entry in a draw to win an share in Alphabet/Amazon/other fairly expensive share.

(Ben) #77

Agreed on the distraction aspect. Let’s keep the team focused on building the app not being street vendors

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(Josh Laird) #78

I can guarantee that where I work, having a bright pink mug/bottle/item on my desk will cause people to ask where I got it to get one themselves similar to flashing the bright orange Monzo card.

As investing is currently something the average public consider for the well off, the informed or people in finance, it’s a lot easier to for me to introduce people to Freetrade through that rather than saying “hurrdurrr do you even invest bro? Check out these fresh ETFs”. The merch is marketing.


Maybe free ISA, as a half-way to the free Alpha - personally the merch isn’t that important to me, prefer to share the qualities of Freetrade by word of mouth!

(Danny) #80

Name on a plaque somewhere inside Freetrade HQ :eyes:

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(Emma (#20 😎)) #81

That would be a very big plaque