What’s up with the market?

Another nice steady day in the market. Onward and upward as they say.

Hopefully there will be another little dip just in time for payday this month.

I know it doesn’t matter long-term but there’s something about buying at all-time highs that makes me feel like a bad investor

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Steady for you maybe :joy::man_facepalming: Just when I thought I was starting to recover…

This graph is kind of pointless with no labels! It could be a 10% drop or a 0.10% drop!

This last week has probably been the most consistently green growth I’ve had since I started investing, I wonder how long we have until the next big red swing

EDIT: I’m about 4% up over 7 days @ralf

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I’m actually happy to share numbers. I’ve only got £4500 of the £20k invested so far, so I’m pretty pleased with this.


I want to join the graph party but I’ll need to wait a few days for the top up to drop off the end, just a big old sigmoid looking thing at the moment :laughing:


Here’s mine !
It’s been a good week.
( I started investing on the 11th Feb 2021 literally the day before market took a nose dive)


It’s gone up even more for me. I think this is the first time everything in my ISA is green, even though I bought into a lot of new stocks today, so even they have all gone up by at least 0.5%.

In GIA, I only have two reds, one of which is my free share… which I should have ditched as soon as I got it, as it’s just gone down and down since I got it and is now at -8.46%

EDIT: oh it seems it’s mostly just that the USD exchange rate has dropped a lot.

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Like some others I started my long term investment in February.
I was down £200 at one point.
I’m sticking to my plan on 1k pm.
I managed to sell on stocks to shorten my portfolio by less than half.
Still hope to get SQ and SHOP out of red soon.
I’ll be 2 months in next week it’s so nice to see some green numbers at last !


I’m up £162 in my GIA and down £554 in my ISA. Been slowly migrating money across from my GIA to my ISA, only got 3 stocks left in that. I don’t think I have seen my ISA green yet.

I should have just increased my holdings for stocks in my GIA rather than buying different stocks in my ISA as I started taking more risks when I got plus and had access to more stocks. Paid a few tuition fees on the likes of PREM but I’m not worried as my portfolio is where I want it to be. Only thing I’m lacking is more cash to increase my holding on certain stocks. But aren’t we all?

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Enjoying the ride, although 2021 did not start very well for my portfolio :roller_coaster:


Short week thanks to Easter.

Everyone eating Easter eggs so the stocks gone green :joy:

My emerging markets is still hovering in the red though, disappointing performance thus far.

I had two good days Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday erased almost all my gains.

Ebang were killing me. I tried holding out but had paper hands and sold at a loss. Reinvested with just and gogo. Both holding up. :+1:

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To me everything feels over priced, and yet I bought more stock today than I have done on any day since I started! :grimacing:

But I did get rid of a couple of smaller stocks that had made a small gain, but I realised I’d only bought them because they seemed cheap and not because I had any interest in the company. I’ve also earmarked a couple more to get rid of that had had quite good gains, but are currently slightly under break even and as they’ve been quite volatile, I’ll just hope they pick up a bit more on Monday before I get rid of them.

I’m definitely coming round to having fewer stocks I’m interested in than lots of random bets in areas I know little about.

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Wisdom Cloud

Some very mixed Q1 messages from my ten largest longs, with Hermès, Microsoft and Mastercard stabilising things somewhat.

My ten smallest positions are also struggling, with Silvergate and Square offsetting some sad performances (QS - yes, I know :joy: and don’t even ask what I paid for STPK :see_no_evil:).


Still green but that green has faded by c.75% since Growth turned south.

God I wish I could buy shares in this venture!!!


Is this beginner’s luck? Started on 8 march 2021

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Has anybody had really good results with FT?