What’s up with the market?

Just as I thought things were looking up!


@Newbie looks better than my “suicide drop” earlier on today :crazy_face: :rofl:


Suicide drop is about right! What the hell happened at 14:30 today? :thinking: My portfolio dropped like a stone!

@RichardPrice they recon it was some computer micro flash crash… Whatever one of them happens to be 🤷😂

Me @ this yo-yo market these past couple of months:



I WISH FT wouldn’t post tonnes of new stock threads only to find out that they are not on the service :man_facepalming: Completely the wrong way around to do business and wastes customers time. Surely the best time to post new threads are when they are live or at least put a disclaimer.


Agreed. If they need to do them in advance, they should post them under a hidden category, then change them to a public one (i.e Stock Discussions) once they’re live on the app.


It just looks lazy and unorganised :+1: They should only add when they are on the platform and really they should verify each post by doing a search first to make sure they are posting correctly. It is like posting results before an event or advertising a product before it is in stock at the shop.

Customers want to see the thread and then click on the app to see what the price and history etc are but just get a disappointed nothing. :man_facepalming:

Edit - it is great they are adding so many but just slack the final delivery is below par.

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Ha, @Big-g, I don’t think it helps that we’re always refreshing the forum too :joy: