What’s your loss?

(Jonny) #83

Best: Just Eat - 21.9%
Worst: Royal Mail - (12.25%) :roll_eyes:
Fav: Greggs - 16.52% :doughnut:

(Ryan) #84

Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was all of the stocks I own have been in the green for the last week or so. But my portfolio is still overall at a loss!

Ocado did well recently, with their delivering service with M&S coming out!

Similarly I also invest in a global tracker, and that is currently at a small loss too.


2.45% down, two green, one red.

(R3) #86

as much as the SP500 plus fees.
plan to hold and add till 2043 at least.
hope prices fall or develop sideways till then, with a pungent rise after that date.
wishful thinking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Chris) #87

Thankfully up around 7% now (across everything, not just Freetrade). Recent market recovery seems unsustainable though, suspect another correction will be here very soon

(Harry) #88

What is your rationale for this Chris? :slight_smile:

(Chris) #89

The bond market. Mid term yields are still inverted and long term yields are falling - bond market is usually (not always) a leading indicator of the stock markets.

Also, we’re on one of the longest runs of the past 150 years. It can’t go on forever.


What a day! Currently 4.42%+



Here I am chuffed because I’ve almost broke even haha!

(Emma) #92

It’s up 24.5% today :scream:



Nice one!!! That’s good going


SNAP flying, be interested to see how that unfolds

(Emma) #95

Sold it when it started falling :grin:

I wasn’t intending to keep it long term, just to test the US stocks but it kept rising. Rising that quickly is normally unsustainable so rather sell it now and invest in something I do want to keep


Sounds like a good plan to me :grinning: