What’s your portfolio size?

Giving that Freetrade now has apparently over 1 million users, I’m curious what the average portfolio size is …

Anyone ?

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You’d be probably better to run this as a poll with quite wide margins- I’m in no rush to write this kind of stuff down on a public forum. Also worth detailing if it’s SIPP/ISA/GIA/ALL that you’re keen to know about.


Last official comment was ~£2k but that was a long time ago. SIPP should probably have increased that figure a lot - although it’s possible the influx of new sign-ups this year might have tempered that a bit.

Unfortunately asking the forum probably wont help calculate the average for several reasons:

  • Self-selection bias
  • Forum users don’t represent broader users
  • Forum users are all active/funded accounts so don’t give us insight into the conversion rate from signups to active users

Probably need to wait for the next pitch deck to get a good idea.


Why don’t you run a poll to see if theres any traction within the community to share this info


£10 million dollars :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit $10 million dollars :man_facepalming:


What currency is that ? “£10 million dollars”!? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Mines about £10.000

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I wish having a dabble into Crypto.com so far so good😁

Mine is mostly $AMC shares so will likely be worthless in a couple of weeks. :rofl:


£10 is fantastic, or do you mean £10,000? Which is even better :slight_smile: Comma is used in the U.K. as thousand separator, a dot is used as a decimal separator …

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