What share apps do you use and why did you start investing?

Hi Everyone. Although I have one other post on this forum I thought I’d use this topic to introduce myself.

In order to make this more of an introduction I thought I’d ask what share apps people use. I note that there was a similar question posed in 2019 but it turned more into a discussion about technical jargon used on the apps. I use Revolut and Freetrade

I also want to know why people started investing. The reason I started investing was originally I had no money. I then got a better job so started saving. My job is currently at risk so I began investing to try and diversify what I use my money for. I do sometimes wonder if I’m too old to start investing at my age, but he who dares wins I guess.

I also started betting and doing matched betting as well which is something I never used to do. Maybe I’m going through my mid life crisis.