What would happen to shares if fiat currency goes bust could we sell for digital coins?

Since we bought our shares with fiat pounds, what if currency was being taken over by britcoin or bitcoin, would or can our shares be converted?

I think that would be the smallest of our problems :joy: If our shares value wasn’t still in £ our country would be doomed and much bigger problems were in place. And if it happened slowly over time then I am sure this would be somehow accounted for in time but again in this non-reality the price of our shares would probably be unimportant.


If fiat currency collapsed, then so would the economy, power would eventually shut down, and by extension, so would the internet. I think digital currency would be the worse things to use in that situation.


If this took place over a relatively short time , the worldwide economic collapse & world war would be of greater concern than my shares.


Time to switch to physical commodity hoarding!!! :crazy_face:


Please no gold standard. I might horde livestock.

You know me :smile:

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All the comments so far were reasonable. But to get an actual example, you could look at shareholding of companies that were listed in countries with such conditions. E.g. large German companies going through hyperinflation and more than one currency change. (Siemens, VW, BASF)

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Let’s say fiat is still around but slowly dying and there becomes a hybrid system I don’t believe the companies will be gone, but stock regulations on what you can buy with and sell with surely would have to change?

Also you guys ww3 and all that power business things are changing to digital currency, so not apocalypse talk this is realistic.

Any resources/links on price action at the time?

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