What's everyones thoughts on this?

I was browsing the Trading212 forums to see what people were saying about Wirecard and I came across this Freetrade discussion which mentions an article on Freetrade I hadn’t seen before.

What are your guys thoughts on this, are these just toxic forum users or have they made some valid points?

Hi Robbo,

I picked up on this a few months ago, and others a long time before me. The article was essentially based off a couple of disgruntled leavers from Freetrade - like any business a certain number of staff just wont work out, and thats usually a slightly higher number in the high pressured environment of a startup. One of the most interesting points that reassured me at the time was that the publication did not ask Ft for their perspective - its entirely one sided, and that tells me its not well researched or a balanced perspective.

If you look on sites like Glassdoor there are always positive and negative reviews of any employer - if you ask 10 people for 10 opinions, some will be good, some will be bad - that’s just the way of it.

A giveaway of a toxic environment that I often watch for, is the turnover of roles in a company - if the same roles keep popping up month after month and the company is struggling to retain staff in certain roles it can indicate a poor culture (or also that its a competitive role & people are quickly leaving for more money elsewhere but thats a different topic) I dont see that on Ft job board.


That isn’t entirely true given it has quotes from FT people in the article…

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Regarding the misinformation in the linked article, please see this comment: Zoom AMA #2: Freetrade Co-founder & CMO Viktor Nebehaj :freetrade:

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