What's happening with seedrs?

A relatively alarming title which may not be as bad as first read. Anyone from freetrade with any views?

Our investments in FT should be unaffected, other than potentially removing the secondary market…

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I don’t think this is anything to worry about right now. Seedrs do not allow you list shares in certain cases:

Sounds like the financing deal will change the share price, so they’re stopping those with knowledge about it benefiting, or just limiting speculative buying/selling.

The times article and the Woodford touch makes me wonder if it could be going lower. A startup needing cash is very ordinary and it’s sensible to suspend shares before a valuation change but perhaps there’s more to it that isn’t being shared.

This is normal on the secondary market. When any company is raising money or any activity that may change the share price, trading of the shares are suspended. This is no different to any other company that has raised money on Seedrs. Just makes a more sensationalist headline because it is Seedrs themselves.

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IMo, it will be other way around due to significant progress they made as compare to previous round on 2017.