What's your favorite options strategy?

Who here trades options? For me, I like taking a simple straightforward approach with options. It’s all about taking your existing dividend stocks and then selling puts and/or covered calls to boost your income. With all the volatility out there (less than before), now might be a great time to sell options (sell volatility).

I’ve been tempted to back test Zedd Monopoly’s strategy of scalping the news and earnings reports. It just seems too good to be true :man_shrugging:t3:

For example Apple getting downgraded to “sell” by Goldman Sachs, open a sell option on 100 shares and scalp the 1.5 to 2% on the drop.

Anyone tried this strategy? Risky as it needs at least 1k put at risk.

Is this with US equities only or other asset classes? Which platform from the UK allows for options?