WhatsApp Group?

Oh I’ve been summoned. Thanks!

@pablo you’re right, there are too many duplicate posts, because, right now, the channel is configured to pull :freetrade: Freetrade’s Instagram, Twitter, and blog feeds.

Initially, there weren’t many subscribers so I didn’t care but I can definitely look into this and improve what should be posted or removed. Any suggestion?


Haha no worries, I’m sure people find the channel useful. I certainly do.

Perhaps just post the twitter feed and whenever there is a new blog entry. My guess is that the rest will be a duplicate, and most “important” news will be shared first on twitter.

That’s the official channel? Telegram? Or Discord?

I wont be using telegram I’m afraid

Slack or discord.

I imagine Slack would do the job? @nexusmaniac whaddya know!?

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Personally I’d prefer slack I use this for work. So I can always look busy :joy:

Also another good reason for slack is that you don’t get notified about every post.

Unless I have my notifications set up wrong I just want to get notified for my @name ones


You lost me :joy: what do I know? :yum:

We have over a hundred members now on the discord if any more want to join:

We have some good discussions, let me know if you have any suggestions for it as well :v:

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+1 for discord. Theres only so many chatting apps you can have before its to many :smiley:

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